The cornice is used as a transition between the wall and ceiling. It celebrates a high ceiling and makes a low ceiling less oppressive and more interesting. A cornice molding perfects and completes an interior by introducing a dramatic interplay of changing light and shadows.

There are three types of cornice to consider. An architectural cornice uses a combination of simple and complex profiles, a cove cornice that presents a substantial concave profile between the wall and ceiling intersect and a complex ornate molding which exhibits enrichments or figures.

A freize molding may be formal or whimsical, archaic or contemporary, masculine or feminine.
It can complement a crown molding and personalize any room.

Any custom molding can be created and any style of molding reproduced. Curved walls are our specialty. Imagination is the only limit.

Classic has one of the largest molding collection available. Also please remember to periodically visit our New Spec Sheets section for future updates.

Classic Mouldings is much more than a manufacturer of plaster moldings.
At every step from concept to completion, we have the resources to assist by using our collective vast experience to compliment the management of your project whatever the size may be. We encourage you to use these resources. If we cannot assist, we will help by redirecting you to one of our many industry contacts. The earlier you get us involved, the sooner we can propose cost effective solutions such as the elimination of costly sub-framing or means of reducing installation times. Our specialty is custom work and this website, particularly the six volume catalog and the items listed in the 'New Products' section, provide a partial list of available moldings which are currently available. Please revisit the New Spec Sheets section on a regular basis as this is the area which will be updated on a regular basis.