Corbels (brackets)

Classic Mouldings collection of Corbels may be used in a classical manner such as a beam support, or used in unorthodox positions for striking effect. Plaster corbels must not be used as the primary support member and should be considered decorative only.

A plaster sconce is an ornamental wall bracket used for concealing from view, the light bulb. The bulb
fixture should not be supported directly from the sconce.

A casing is a framework around a door, opening, window or similar application. They can be plain or
ornate and sized proportionally to the opening. Additional designs may be used from our collection
presented in volume IV of our catalog.

An overdoor is a header over a door or opening. In addition to the collection shown, many of the designs
seen in volume II of our catalog can also be used for the same application.

Chair Rails
The chair rail is often the name given to the molding that surrounds a room to prevent chairs, when
pushed against the wall, from damaging the wall surface. Due to its application, a chair rail is made using
a dense gypsum cement to provide a more resilient surface.

It is important to ensure that the chosen chair rail profile does not protrude beyond the butting edge of
the door/opening casing.

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