A Niche can be supplied with or without the casing designs shown. Please also review some optional designs that can be seen in volume IV of the catalog.

In addition to the collection shown, custom sizes and shapes can be manufactured. Any Dome can receive a plain or ornate Light Cove. It is mounted after installation of the dome, on the ceiling, around the perimeter of the dome. Various profiles are available suitable for rope or florescent lighting.

If a light cove is not required but only a trim molding is preferred, any of the designs shown in this volume or many of the Panel Moldings in catalog volume V, can also be used.

Ceiling Tiles
Some of the tiles shown are designed to be applied to an existing finish plastered ceiling. Others can be
applied directly to framing or any other suitable supportive system.

Special attention should be given regarding how the perimeter is finished. For example, will the Tile
terminate directly into a bulkhead or is a complimenting molding required to provide the optimum look.

Decorative plaster grilles may be incorporated within a cornice or frieze as an air source or air return, or
used to conceal speakers set within a wall or ceiling.

Here you will find various elements such as Wreaths, Swags, Ribbons, Keystones, and many other
individual items to compliment your design.

Classic Mouldings is much more than a manufacturer of plaster moldings.
At every step from concept to completion, we have the resources to assist by using our collective vast experience to compliment the management of your project whatever the size may be. We encourage you to use these resources. If we cannot assist, we will help by redirecting you to one of our many industry contacts. The earlier you get us involved, the sooner we can propose cost effective solutions such as the elimination of costly sub-framing or means of reducing installation times. Our specialty is custom work and this website, particularly the six volume catalog and the items listed in the 'New Products' section, provide a partial list of available moldings which are currently available. Please revisit the New Spec Sheets section on a regular basis as this is the area which will be updated on a regular basis.