Residential GFRG Barrel Ceiling

The Project

Manufacture and installation of a GFRG barrel ceiling with minimum substrate for the private residence.

The Challenge

This challenge was two-fold: i) working within an empty structure, installing a ceiling without any studs or framing, and ii) compressed timeframe for permits and construction, including demands to minimize expected ongoing overheads.

The Approach

We took the approved engineered drawing and created shop drawings. Once these were approved by the client, we moved forward with manufacturing in our Toronto factory. Glass-Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) was selected by the client as the material to use because it is stronger, lighter, more durable and cost efficient than drywall or plaster. Hand carved elements and CNC machined moulds were used to produce precision fitting panels with built in openings to accommodate lighting elements.

The Results

Prefabricated panels were manufactured and delivered to the site in 12 weeks. We then assigned a 6-person MADE crew that completed installation in just 4 weeks… and without affecting any other trade. The customer was totally satisfied with the quality, the timing, the crew and the workmanship. The project was completed on time and on budget.

The Advantages

A ceiling of this scope and design using dry wall and plaster could take twice as long to manufacture and install. The weight of the ceiling would also be significantly higher. With our GFRG barrel ceiling, absolutely no backing or drywall was required for installation.