Used for interior applications, this is a non-flammable, lightweight composite of high density premium gypsum reinforced with glass fibres.

Factory cast in moulds of virtually any shape or size it is strong, dimensionally stable, and it is mostly finished (with paint) onsite, after installation. Weighing only 2 to 3 lbs. /sq. ft., these parts are designed to minimize support framing and installation time and cost.

Built-in reinforcing and/or other embedments can be incorporated into the components to accommodate for fastening and/or hanging.

Overlapping joints and surface tape joints allow for seamless finishing of multi-panel designs.

GFRG is used in applications such as: wall and ceiling decorative panels, domes, vaults, light coves, column covers, cornices, crown mouldings, etc., with choices of textures and patterns.

Pre-made precise, complex architectural shapes can be installed faster and are more economical than other materials.

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