This is a thermoset plastic composite constructed from a combination of polymer resins, organic fillers and fibreglass reinforcements.

With a Class A fire rating it is also one of the strongest, most durable materials.

It can be produced in virtually any shape in a variety of finishes and textures, for interior and/or exterior applications. Being chemical and corrosive resistant it can be used in harsh environments. ​

Weighing only 2 to 3 lbs./sq.ft. (depending on reinforcing) parts require less labour and time in installation and lighter support structures, thus reducing the cost of construction. ​

GFRP parts are mostly installed by the use of concealed fasteners, and joint positioning is determined by the overall appearance, and installation.

GFRP can be used in a variety of architectural applications – interior, or exterior, where a lightweight and strong, durable material is required, as well as for urban, large scale sculptural elements, with a smooth or textured surface, or patterns.

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