Classic Moulding products assist in many ways, the Architectural and Building industry's challenges in addressing important environmental global concerns.

Different product applications are addressed by various material formulations with most basic interior products being manufactured from a formulation of Gypsum (Plaster) and water. Gypsum is a natural resource, non-hazardous and non-combustible.

Our products can be made in various degrees of hardness, which address the requirements of Baseboards to Crowns.

The material can be finished painted to look like wood or Granite and the profile can be made as a single cast which otherwise would require multiple wooden moldings.

Conventional support framing can be eliminated by selecting the right material and design.


  A large single-cast Ceiling Beam eliminates the need for joining multiple wooden moldings to form the same profile. Additionally, the installation gives the added benefit of no unsightly shrinkage or expansion joint cracking.
  Extensive steel or wood framing can be eliminated by using engineered pre-cast hung panels with overlapping joints maintaining rigidity and strength.

A finish painted ceiling panel – hand painted woodgraining, with antique burl panels and mahogany frames with ebonized and gilt trim. This demonstrates that any desirable finish is possible with plaster based products.

Classic Mouldings is much more than a manufacturer of plaster moldings.
At every step from concept to completion, we have the resources to assist by using our collective vast experience to compliment the management of your project whatever the size may be. We encourage you to use these resources. If we cannot assist, we will help by redirecting you to one of our many industry contacts. The earlier you get us involved, the sooner we can propose cost effective solutions such as the elimination of costly sub-framing or means of reducing installation times. Our specialty is custom work and this website, particularly the six volume catalog and the items listed in the 'New Products' section, provide a partial list of available moldings which are currently available. Please revisit the New Spec Sheets section on a regular basis as this is the area which will be updated on a regular basis.